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Background Behind Trusted Breaks


Trusted Breaks was formed by Founder CEO, Jacqui Lowe, and John Lowrie director. I have worked most of my life supporting others in a care environment providing the best support I can give to people who wish to remain in their own home. I feel very privileged that families have and continue to give me and our team an opportunity to support their loved ones. I am also a Reiki master who has taught many people from all walks of life the simplicity of Reiki.

I fully understand how it feels to be isolated while caring for a loved one, before opening Trusted Breaks, I supported my daughter Charley who was born with complex disabilities and a life-limiting condition known as Edward Syndrome (TRISOMY 18).  Charley was the oldest child to have survived her condition in Scotland and is an inspiration to families all over the world. I worked hard to give her the best quality of life that we could, when Charley passed away in September 2016, I was devastated, broken-hearted, and did not have a clue what I was going to do. The Next thing I knew I was writing a business plan and after 10mins I had everything up and running. I worked in many different jobs all over Fife including the group Kettle Produce and a local sandwich shop to enable us to build up the finance to get established. This was difficult as I was truly broken-hearted after the loss of my daughter. Charley is my inspiration, keeping her memory alive with the work we do, my aim over the next eighteen months is to develop and expand our provision.

We offer short respite breaks for people who present with complex disabilities and additional needs. Our age group ranges from eighteen years plus.  We offer short respite breaks in the beautiful environment of Trusted Breaks house. Currently, the other service that we offer is a care at home service, aimed at meeting the needs of all vulnerable adults living with in the community, age eighteen with no upper limit. We also support SOFT UK who is a charity organisation supporting families who have children with life-limiting conditions.

We have an amazing professional team working within the organisation that are really appreciated by John and myself. Trustedbreaks2

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