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Most of us want to live independent lives in our own homes for as long as possible. The good news is that even if you’re recovering from an illness or a fall, or you need help with your long-term care, there’s a variety of support services available to help you do this. Care means anything done for you that's of a personal nature. This may include:

Personal Hygiene – bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving, oral hygiene, and nail care.

Continence Management – toileting, catheter/stoma care, skin care, incontinence laundry, and bed.

Food And Diet – help with eating, special diets, and food preparation.

Mobility Problems – dealing with being immobile or substantially immobile.

Counseling And Support – behavior management, emotional support.

Medication – a trained staff member will assess your medication needs following all current/relevant legislation. You or your family member will be given a medication level in accordance with your needs. This leveling will also take into consideration any simple treatments required.

Personal Assistance/Help Help to get in and out of bed and using hoists, if you only need a few hours help a day and your house can be adapted to your needs, care at home might be the most practical and cost-effective.

How much you pay will depend on your package of care which will be assessed and costed by a senior practitioner.

Respite Care

Trusted Breaks knows full well how trusting people can be difficult, especially knowing your loved one is safe and secure while receiving the best support. 


Our service seeks to support the needs of your loved one and family enabling everyone to have a well-deserved break. 


We offer exceptionally beautiful surroundings within Trusted Breaks care home for you and your family to enjoy.


Within in the home and out-with we offer a full sensory experience including a sensory room and garden. At the moment we only offer various in-house activities. This is due to current government guidance, in relation to keeping people safe during a pandemic.


Our experienced staff teamwork on a one to one basis modeling the key working system. This enables the staff member/s to build a strong relationship with your loved ones, helping them feel safe and secure while building trust.


Why Use Respite Care?

  • Renew energy levels and rest

  • Cover for unexpected situations

  • Attend special events or holidays


Why choose respite care with Trusted Breaks, we are a very unique service. As a parent and daughter know full well how difficult it is to find the right support for your loved one. I have been on the journey for the past 24 years and through experience, it can be very difficult to feel you have got it right.


We can help you plan ahead your Flexible choice of break. It could be as little as an overnight stay or for a few weeks.

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Trusted Breaks - Mother 

Trusted Breaks - Daughter